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  • Do You Really Need to Give A Presentation?

    I have quite a few clients who come to me with presentations that are completely encased in PowerPoint. That is, everything that needs to be said is delineated on the slides, either in bullets, graphs or actual word-for-word paragraphs. Frequently, these clients are themselves perplexed about why a ...

    Do You Really Need to Give A Presentation?
  • Tired of Bar Graphs? Compare Values by Using Proportional Shapes

    Last year I created an online tool to calculate the sizes of two shapes based on values that you input. This allows you to create a diagram with two proportional shapes (see below). I wrote about this calculator in an issue of my newsletter and gave examples of the background and other links about t ...

    Tired of Bar Graphs? Compare Values by Using Proportional Shapes
  • ‘Active’ Pauses Help Manage Speaking Anxiety

    I was working with an extremely nervous presenter in one of our recent Mastering Your Presentations workshops. She described her presentation experience like this: “My head races and swirls, and then it switches back on itself. I know that words are coming out of my mouth, but I don’t have any c ...

    ‘Active’ Pauses Help Manage Speaking Anxiety
  • How to Present to a Tyrant

    So you think you have a tough boss?  Consider the poor Amazon engineer that gave a presentation to CEO Jeff Bezos only to have him say, “Why are you wasting my life?” Bezos is notoriously difficult in meetings, according to “The Everything Store, Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon,” a fascina ...

    How to Present to a Tyrant
  • How to Work Faster in PowerPoint

    When I work with clients in 1-on-1 coaching, I use webinar software so we can work together on a presentation. Sometimes I wield the mouse and sometimes my client does. Because I work in PowerPoint so much, I use the fastest way possible — at least as far as I know. But when my clients […]

    How to Work Faster in PowerPoint
  • In Presentations, Normal Isn’t the Same as Effective

    New normal is a frequently heard phrase these days, describing everything from the tough economy to instability in the Middle East to the make-up of the modern family. I’m thinking maybe it’s time for a new normal in presentations because the old normal isn’t working very well. Too ...

    In Presentations, Normal Isn’t the Same as Effective
  • Repetition in Your Presentations

    Repetition has long been heralded in advertising, politics and public speaking as a device which can add emphasis and impact to key thoughts and phrases. But too much repetition in a presentation becomes annoying rather than powerful. I recently attended a webinar given by a well-known author – wh ...

    Repetition in Your Presentations


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Webinar Wednesdays

  • Missed a live Webinar Wednesday? No problem. You can watch any of our archived webinars. Now available on our YouTube channel is, "Tips and Tricks for Creating Persuasive Presentations," with PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein. Ellen shows you how to use PowerPoint in more persuasive ways using great before-and-after slide examples.



How to Simplify Complex Tables in PowerPoint

In January I wrote about the 5 top PowerPoint resolutions you should make for the new year. One of these was to avoid complex tables because they make the audience work too hard to understand what’s on the slide. Because ... Read more


The Art and Science of Confidence

Probably one of the most attractive and arguably influential attributes of any communicator we observe is their personal confidence. Sometimes it’s a quiet and understated confidence yet we get a strong impression of ... Read more


Solving the Missing ‘Video From Website’ Problem in PowerPoint

Ever wondered why the "Video from Web Site" option suddenly no longer shows in PowerPoint 2010? Here's why this happened. Earlier, it was possible to insert a video clip from a web site such as YouTube or Vimeo into your ... Read more


The First Step in Creating Persuasive Presentations: Mind Mapping

The presentation process I teach is called U.S.E. — Understand, Summarize and Explain. Looking at the first step (Understand) there are three core elements: audience,  need, and requirements. To be persuasive, our ... Read more


Which Layout Am I Using? Good Question!

With little doubt, the single most significant improvement that came to PowerPoint in version 2007 was the redesigning, revamping, and rebuilding of the slide master/slide layout relationship. An awkward and unintuitive ... Read more


The Two-Minute $250,000 Presentation

Could you persuade someone to donate a quarter of a million dollars in 120 seconds? Last year one of our clients was in this situation. He shared his story with me last week while I was leading a workshop for his nonprofit ... Read more

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How to Play Vimeo and YouTube Videos from PowerPoint Slides

When considering use of videos on YouTube or in your PowerPoint presentations, they can be used if the owner permits use for presentations and public viewing. Some videos have a download link that allows ... Read more

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