• PowerPoint Paradigm Shift: The Power of Going Dark


    Do you ever get into the rut of doing what you’ve always done because it’s comfortable – or because it’s the way it’s always been done? I’m talking about presentations – specifically the ones where you use PowerPoint. We were reminded of this when a client recently shared that he led a ...

    PowerPoint Paradigm Shift: The Power of Going Dark
  • More Tips for Waging the Battle With Stage Fright


    Working with clients on stage fright I use a number of approaches, some of which involve embracing the adrenaline and some of which involve minimizing it. My personal favorite is to embrace the symptoms that adrenaline produces and tell yourself that it means that you’re about to do something exci ...

    More Tips for Waging the Battle With Stage Fright
  • 2 Ways to Improve Collaboration on Presentations


    Many presentations are collaborative efforts and you may have discovered that putting your comments in an email and attaching the latest version of a PowerPoint file gets confusing fast. Here are some problems with that method: There are multiple versions of the file all over the place It’s hard t ...

    2 Ways to Improve Collaboration on Presentations
  • Best Practices for Incorporating Multimedia in Webinars with Ken Molay


    Watch Ken’s Molay webinar and you will learn how multimedia content such as live video, pre-recorded content, audio clips, quizzes or interactive exercises can improve attention and engagement from your webinar attendees, but only if you use it carefully and correctly. You will learn how he does ...

    Best Practices for Incorporating Multimedia in Webinars with Ken Molay
  • The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations with Author, Simon Morton


    WEBINAR RECORDING: Watch as critically-acclaimed author Simon Morton, engages the audience with "The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations," based on his book, "The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula behind Powerful Presentations.” This webinar will challenge everything you thought you knew ...

    The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations with Author, Simon Morton
  • ‘There’s No Soul in Perfection’


    I’ll admit it. I watch American Idol. I suppose I have a little bit of something in my heart for those kids. I used to be a young performer. I dreamt of stardom too. Now that I’m older and have worked that dream out of my system, I’m far more interested in the coaching the […]

    ‘There’s No Soul in Perfection’


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