• Presentation Lessons from the Shark Tank


    So here’s the setting: Standing in the wings, a nervous entrepreneur has an idea. He or she is not just looking at their product pitch as a quick path to personal wealth. It also seems a part of their DNA – to create something from nothing. But they have a problem. Not enough cash to […]

    Presentation Lessons from the Shark Tank
  • The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations with Author, Simon Morton


    WEBINAR RECORDING: Watch as critically-acclaimed author Simon Morton, engages the audience with "The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations," based on his book, "The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula behind Powerful Presentations.” This webinar will challenge everything you thought you knew ...

    The 5-Point Formula for Powerful Presentations with Author, Simon Morton
  • Surviving Handout Hell with Rick Altman


    Have you ever fallen prey to the conventional wisdom of printing slides to create a handout. Then this lively and interactive webinar with presentation specialist and author, Rick Altman is for you! Rick shows us how to create powerful handouts using the PowerPoint Notes Master. Watch the recording ...

    Surviving Handout Hell with Rick Altman
  • ‘There’s No Soul in Perfection’


    I’ll admit it. I watch American Idol. I suppose I have a little bit of something in my heart for those kids. I used to be a young performer. I dreamt of stardom too. Now that I’m older and have worked that dream out of my system, I’m far more interested in the coaching the […]

    ‘There’s No Soul in Perfection’


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  • Attend Ken’s Molay webinar on Wednesday, Sept 24th and you will learn how multimedia content such as live video, pre-recorded content, audio clips, quizzes or interactive exercises can improve attention and engagement from your webinar attendees, but only if you use it carefully and correctly. Attendees will get the chance to learn his tips and tricks first-hand.



2 Ways to Improve Collaboration With Others on Presentations

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Leaders: Use Story to Create the Future

Lou Gerstner, the IBM CEO who led Big Blue out of the wilderness, said, “I tell Wall Street stories about IBM’s future because facts about the future do not exist.” What sets competitors apart today are not the scientific ... Read more


Presenters, Take Heart: Steve Jobs was no LeBron James

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How to Prepare for a Presentation Voiceover

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Create Training Courses with Screenshots Inside PowerPoint

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A Primer for Creating Diverging Stacked Bar Charts

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