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Interview with the newest PowerPoint MVP – Mike Parkinson [Video]

Microsoft actively seeks professionals who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of their products with others. A lucky few – under 50 worldwide – have been awarded the status of PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

The latest PowerPoint MVP is Mike Parkinson, a frequent contributor and webinar presenter for PresentationXpert. He joins a great group of talented experts including Nolan Haims, Echo Swinford, Julie Terberg, Glenna Shaw, Ric Bretschneider, Steve Rindsberg, John Wilson, Geetesh Bajaj, Ellen Finkelstein, and many others. We had a conversation with Mike about what this means to him and as always, we pick his brain on what the latest tips and tricks are for presentations. And discover if there is a “secret handshake” for MVPs.

Here are some of the questions we asked him during our interview:

  • What is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP?
  • How do you get selected to be an MVP? What are the criteria?
  • What does it mean to you to be an MVP?
  • What are the benefits of being an MVP?
  • What is your area of specialty in PowerPoint?
  • What are your favorite tools or features in PowerPoint? Why?
  • Which PowerPoint features could help someone’s presentation stand apart from their peers?
  • Top Ten Tips for PowerPoint users
  • Have you used “morph” and “design” yet? Can you share some tips.

Please send a note to Mike to say congratulations. He can be reached at

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Discovering Inspiration and Ideas from SlideShare: Sharing Our Favorites

We have all seen PowerPoint presentations that are really awful, boring and will put anyone to sleep. Woman With Writers BlockThey have text so small that even a magnifying glass would not help or visuals that have you scratching your head, wondering what they were trying to say. But done right, PowerPoint presentations can be stunning, interactive, and engaging.

Ever stare at a blank page and have no ideas on where to start? Looking for inspiration? Any idea to get those creative juices flowing? Just browse LinkedIn’s SlideShare’s catalog of well-done presentations and see for yourself

Here are few of my favorites on SlideShare – I created a catalog to share.



It is not just about the visuals.  You have to consider content, typeface, and PowerPoint features that can deliver your content message. Learn from them and you will be on your way to making amazing PowerPoint presentations.

I also have my favorites on SlideShare including Empowered Presentations (Cory Jim), Ethos 3, Damon Nofar, Eugene Cheng, and Peter Zvirinsky of They all have more slide decks to view for inspiration. Don’t forget to check them out. I have included their catalog pages with each of their slide inspirations below.

Destroy PowerPoint Zombies

I love the impact of these visuals as well as the content.  This is one of my personal favorites. Presentation design is not what Eric Pesik does for a living but he is a speaker and he does it well for an attorney and a compliance officer. He has other presentations uploaded but this one is the star visually. Find Eric on Twitter


Presentation Design Crash Course

Joseph GelmanJoseph Gelman did a good job of laying out the basics in this crash course. Great to share with someone getting started with PowerPoint. Find Joe on Twitter

Presentation Crash Course - sf article - 1

A Few Things I carry: My Everyday Presentation Tools for Success

Cory Jim and Empowered Presentations are the ones to follow on SlideShare. They are innovative, creative, memorable, and impressive. This is just a sample of their work. And a great example of personal branding.


Connect with Cory on Twitter or SlideShare.

7 Tips to Create Visual Presentations

Connect with Emiland on Twitter


8 Tips for an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation

Damon Nofar is very talented and has great content. This is just one example.

Connect with Damon on Twitter or SlideShare.

SlideShare Experts – 7 Experts Reveal Their Presentation Design Secrets


Eugene Cheng is one of my favorites.  He has great slide decks that really work across multiple disciplines. Connect with him on Twitter or SlideShare.

Infographics Shapes and Diagrams: Part 1 – Lists

Another hot trend this year – infographics. Peter Zvirinsky (founder, does an impressive job explaining the ins and outs of infographics.
infographics-text-lists-powerpoint-diagrams-1-638 (1)

His SlideShare catalog also has other slide decks which are worth reviewing. Connect with Peter on Twitter or on SlideShare

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Based on his best-selling book, Carmine Gallo (Twitter) shares this slide deck as an example of how to translate content messaging from one audience to another.


5 Tools for an Awesome Presentation


13 Alternatives to Using Bullet Points in Presentations


Melissa Milloway, MSIT is an online learning and training expert. This is just a sample of her course content. Connect with her at

How to Be a PowerPoint Animation Ninja


Bright Carbon is always publishing fresh content. They have a number of slide decks worth reviewing. This is just one.

The Art of the Presentation


This is a different approach to presentations and a good example of including an event or conference as a content driver.  Jeffrey Stevens is a web designer with a good eye. Connect with him on Twitter.

Presenter Manifestothe-presenter-manifesto-8-distinctions-of-a-world-class-presenter-by-ericfeng-slidecomet-itseugenec-1-638
7 PowerPoint Design Hacks (Clariant Creative Agency)


PowerPoint Tips: Utilizing the Cropping Tool (Al Bonner)


Beware! Avoid Making these Presentation Storytelling Mistakes

Storytelling is a hot trend in 2016 – Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? Ethos3 shares some great tips.


How to beat your Presentation Nightmares (Bright Carbon)
Presentation Design Techniques from the masters


Eugene Cheng and High Spark Presentation and Design collaborated on this deck. It is well done. You can also see other slide decks they have created with Eugene and others such as Slide Comet by connecting with them on Twitter or SlideShare.

In summary, SlideShare offers endless possibilities for inspiration and creativity. Check it out and email me to let me know what some of your favorites are.

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