About Us

We are a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing the best, most practical information about developing and delivering face-to-face and online presentations. The ability to create and deliver persuasive presentations plays a crucial role in the career advancement and income levels of business people across disciplines.

Our mission is to help you take your presentation skills to the next level — and help your organization create a competitive edge in the process. We heard what you had to say and what you need, thanks to your comments in a recent reader survey. That’s why we have enhanced our resources across multiple channels.

Our community of busy professionals has a thirst for becoming more effective, persuasive presenters. That drove us to create these “Xpert Thinking” initiatives designed to keep the dialog going and information flowing:

  • Our monthly eNewsletter, PresentationXpert, with 150,000 readers
  • Our new website, rich with the latest presentation resources and skill-building information.
  • A Google+ online community of presentation professionals dedicated to sharing best practices and lessons learned.
  • A Webinar Wednesdays series featuring the presentation industry’s top experts providing how-to advice and insights.

We recognize that this community is rich in knowledge and experience. We look forward to the wisdom we’ll gain from this new initiative.

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