Huggable Online Presentations: How to Make A Personal Impact Even When You’re Not There in Person

We hear the rule of thumb all the time: PowerPoint slides should support your face-to-face presentations, from the background. Fair  enough. But what about the exploding number of livdog_huge and on-demand presentations viewed online? How do you best engage your audience when you’re not there in person, and when they receive your message over their laptop, tablet or smartphone?

In this high-energy webinar, Matt Gambino, author of “50 Minutes to Better Software Demos”, shows you surprisingly easy ways to make your online presentations so caffeinated and actionable, that your audience will want to reach out and hug you.






MMatt_Gambino- 99 x 100att Gambino helps sales and marketing people deliver compelling, jargon-free presentations and product demonstrations. In the course of his work for Thomson Learning, one of the world’s largest educational publishing organizations, Matt helped grow a small portfolio of digital learning products into a ten million dollar business through key roles in sales, marketing and product management.

Throughout his career, Matt has provided thousands of presentations and software demos to buyers, clients, colleagues, and vendors. Today, he actively keynotes and trains worldwide. Matt’s clients include Pearson Education, Vista Higher Learning, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, Cengage Learning, Jones & Bartlett Learning and many others.

Besides presenting to educators, Matt has also been one himself. As an adjunct computer instructor for Bunker Hill Community College, Matt has taught with and about the newest technology-based tools and resources.

Matt is also Vice President of Marketing and Inside Sales at Catapult Learning, a leading provider of instructional services to elementary and middle schools.



Use Simple Images In Powerpoint Presentations

Use images that support your talking points. A picture tells 1000 words. People are much more likely to remember your talk if you use interesting images instead of bullet points.

Smart Talk: Making Powerfully Persuasive Presentations

In this talk, you’ll learn Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence and how to practically apply these principles to persuasive presentations. Ultimately, facts are not the way to best lead, motivate, and inspire. Powerful persuasive presentations instead, rely on effective audience analysis, solid storytelling, and figurative language.

PowerPoint – Turn it on and then turn it off


The most common scenario with presenters with PowerPoint is on before they start speaking and never off until they are done. The projection area is always filled with an image or text that competes with the presenter. Try this technique. Do not show your first slide until several minutes into your presentation. Let the focus of attention be on you and your message. Once the audience is familiar with both, then introduce your slides. The end of your presentation should get the same treatment. End your slides before finishing your presentation. Let the focus be on you and your message as you wrap thing up.

Charles Greene III
Presentation Magician
Washington, DC

The Science Of Influence


Here is my Prezi which I use with boards mainly in retail and professional services sectors.

Hope you find it interesting


Professional Graphics Secrets for Non-Designers

Make amazing slides… fast. Great slides increase attention, retention, and success. Learn the secrets industry leaders use to turn Screenshot 2014-07-28 15.00.08bad slides into clear, compelling slides. See what makes a slide the best-of-the-best and how to do it yourself using free or low-cost tools and best practices. Watch as Mike Parkinson from Billion Dollar Graphics transforms ho-hum, real-world slides into slides you will never forget using the techniques he will teach you.

Topics include:
• Make professional graphics fast
• Validate the success of your slides—before you make your slides
• When and how to use logos, bullets, icons, symbols, pictures, animations, and graphics
• Slide-making techniques that save you time and money

Attendees also get the following tools:
1. Graphics Cheat Sheet
2. Slide Success Checklist
3. Top 12 Free and Low-cost Websites for Graphics


About Mike Parkinson:

mike with spaceMike Parkinson is an internationally recognized visual communication expert, presentation specialist and award-winning author. Mike regularly works with large and small companies to make clear, compelling, successful presentations. Visit Billion Dollar Graphics ( and Get My Graphic ( for helpful presentation tools. He also is a partner at 24 Hour Company (, a premier marketing and visual communication firm.

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