5 Communication Tips from an Online Training Webinar Library

Communication is key when it comes to presenting information you want your team to retain and act on. Without good communication, your team members can be left feeling confused, at odds, or unsure of what their priorities should be. As a result, productivity starts to tank. Here are 5 of our top communication tips from Business Watch Network’s online training webinar library, where you can get reliable, on-demand access to training when you need it.

1. Everyone Has a Different Communication Style

One of the most common causes of miscommunication for teams is that team members don’t understand that they have different communication styles or how to best use them. When you consider your own communication style and how it’s received by others with different types of communication styles, your message comes across exponentially more effectively.

Take some time to discover your own way of communicating, and then pay attention to the way others communicate with you. For example, if one of your team members has a much easier time with written communication, consider sending meeting notes or transcripts after the fact. Chances are, staff who have difficulty with hearing or auditory processing will miss some key points of important meetings, but you can combat this by offering critical information in a variety of formats.

From: Walk That Walk and Talk That Talk: What the Most Confident Leaders Do and Say

2. Visual Communication Works

Studies show that visual information is processed by the human brain exponentially faster than text-based messages – to the tune of 60,000 times faster, to be exact. Any time you can bring visual elements into a presentation or educational seminar, the greater its impact will be. Consider ways you can use visuals to enhance your presentations or even your email communications. For example, infographics are a great way to get across crucial points in an easy-to-digest way that is much more likely to be remembered.  

From: Visual Communication Using Excel Dashboards

3. Communicate More Effectively with One Person at a Time  

When you’re working with a team and there’s an issue, you may think it’s more efficient to try address the topic with the whole group. However, communicating with your staff one-on-one is much more effective when handling potential problems, especially if one of your employees is particularly difficult to manage. If you need to have a serious discussion with an employee, consider looking for a private but non-intimidating place, like an outdoor picnic table or empty conference room.

From: Managing Difficult People

4. Lacking Communication Can Be a Sign of a Larger Issue

If an employee is lacking in the communication department – and it seems to be more than new-job jitters – this may be a sign of a bigger issue. Employees that have been with your company for some time that suddenly drop off in communication could be having an issue at work that they don’t feel comfortable bringing up themselves, or they may be demotivated and have lost their initial drive to succeed in the workplace.

From: Motivate or Terminate

5. Good Communication Can Resolve Internal Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is one of the most significant contributors to lost productivity and increased overhead costs. Training your employees to be able to communicate with each other effectively to resolve internal conflicts can seem superfluous, however, this type of education has a long-term payoff and great rewards for both your business and your team members.   

From: The Five Behaviors of a Successful Team

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