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Communicate better with 100% editable, professional graphics. Improve understanding and recall while saving time and money. Make better presentations, proposals, educational materials, marketing, sales documents, white papers, and websites. Get My Graphic infographics are designed to clearly communicate complex information.

…there is a great resource out there with “templates”/inspiration for infographics. See [Get My Graphic] http://www.getmygraphic.com. I consider the site a best practice for proposal graphics. ~ Melissa Bevins, Boeing

[The] graphics from [Get My Graphic]… have been life savers!!! They have allowed me to be more creative in an area that I didn’t think creativity was possible. In addition, everyone thinks I’m a graphics rock star now! Thanks a million… ~ Mary Brick, Noblis, www.noblis.org


Look at the Before and After Slides:



Unlimited Subscription – Exclusive to the PresentationXpert Community

Limited ExclusiveSave up to 93%. Get instant, unlimited access to these graphics for you and your organization with your Unlimited Subscription. All graphics downloaded are yours to use immediately and indefinitely. With unlimited downloads you can make the perfect professional graphic because you can combine graphics, add icons and symbols, insert photos, sample and apply styles across graphics, and animate. You can evolve your graphics as fast and often as needed. All graphics are easy to edit, combine, and animate in PowerPoint. Graphics can be exported and used in any software.


Only registered users can access the original, editable graphics. Graphics can be shared with nonregistered users one of two ways:

  • Share the graphic as an un-editable image (e.g., jpg, png, gif).
  • Share the editable graphic after modifications are made (i.e., the graphic becomes proprietary and unique to the user or the user’s organization).

One year commitment required. After one year subscriptions continue month-to-month. You can cancel at any time after one year.

Get instant, unlimited graphics now…



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