Discovering Presentation Gems on Vimeo and YouTube

By Sharyn Fitzpatrick

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Did you know that video is what is most appealing to today’s professionals as a source for information? And since the digital world never seems to stop, so videos are such an important tool in our visual industry to teach us what’s new and feed our creativity.

YouTube and Vimeo are fascinating places to discover how to do presentations more creatively and productively. Besides SlideShare, they are my other go-to places for inspiration and knowledge. I wanted to share a few of my go-to channels and why I like them. Many contributors have channels on both platforms.

Need to learn how to do PowerPoint animations? You can find quick tip videos or longer videos that are more detailed. Just-in-time learning is driving content to these platforms. YouTube appears to be populated with videos that would appeal to a presentation professional. There are more variety and depth in the content offerings on YouTube. However, Vimeo was created to be more business-oriented and mostly providing content to professionals.

Let’s look at some channels on both and then make your own decision.


PowerPoint & After Effects /w Andrzej Pach

Andrzej offers quick and knowledgeable PowerPoint tutorials. They contain actionable learning which you can use almost immediately. One of my favorites is “Crop and add photographs in PowerPoint slide in any shape you want | PowerPoint template tutorial”

PowerPoint Spice

Lia, aka P-Spice, is so wonderful at what she does. She was tired of living through dull presentations and decided to shake things up. Not only does she entice you with wonderful tips and tricks that cannot wait to try, she actually tells you step-by-step how to do it. A good example is her latest video: Cool PowerPoint Tricks to Look like a Tech Genius (Live Polls, Animations and More!). She gives your great ideas and insights into how PowerPoint add-ins can add depth to your presentations. She uses Poll Anywhere in this tutorial. It is one of those “aha moments” where you can instantly see the impact that an engagement tool like this could really improve the interactivity of your presentations. On her blog, she gives written steps that match the video. Check it out.


This is a b3b creative design idea. I have really enjoyed getting to know Managing Director, Damjan Haylor. Their mission is to bring information to life which many of their projects and videos do. They are informative and well done. Their Vimeo channel includes good content for creating presentations.  Don’t miss this video: Did you know that PowerPoint could do THIS?

Did you know that PowerPoint could do THIS? from POPcomms on Vimeo.

Did you know that PowerPoint could do THIS? from POPcomms on Vimeo.


PowerPoint Pro YouTube Channel

Engagement is one of the reasons why I like the PowerPoint Pro YouTube channel. Managed by motion graphic designer, Sadman Sadik, it is full of great tips and tutorials that will take your presentations to the next level.

Check out this video:


PowerPoint for Business Professionals – Nuts and Bolts Speed Training

Many of you remember Taylor Croonquist as a frequent contributor and webinar presenter for PresentationXpert. His company, Nuts and Bolts offers in-depth intense videos on anything PowerPoint. Their “What’s the Point” learning series delivers how-to tips and tricks on animation, charts, PowerPoint cheats, and more. I wanted to share one of my favorites with you: Episode 3 of the series – Chunky Monkey.

Interesting Videos:
Joe Lewis: Where is Storytelling Going Next?

Joe Lewis is known for pushing the edge of technology and hopes to change how we watch television. He seems to have jumped on the “storytelling” bandwagon and shares his views. Worth watching this:  Joe Lewis – Where is Storytelling Going Next? (Future Of Storytelling 2016) from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

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So go exploring on your own and discover your own gems. And let us know what you find.



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