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Dear Readers,

Most publications undergo redesigns to update their look, to make content easier to access or read for subscribers or to introduce new product features. All three hold true for the redesign of PresentationXpert, which we’re unveiling with this issue.
In addition to the newsletter’s new look, we’re also introducing a companion website for PresentationXpert  we hope will make it easier for you to locate and use all of the presentation tips, resources and industry events you’ve grown accustomed to receiving from us since 2006. The full content for each newsletter article is now found on the website by clicking the "learn more"  links on this page.

If you have feedback on our new look or website, or ideas for a future issue of the newsletter, we would love to hear from you.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

Finding Your Groove Thing
By Jim Endicott

No, this article is not about buying that little red convertible you’ve always wanted or learning to "bust a move." It’s about finding an even more important groove that impacts nearly every day of your presentations life. Recently I spent a half-day with a very senior executive in a Fortune 50 company. This gentleman is one of the youngest rising stars in the organization and speaks around the world.  But like so many executives we coach,  he was probably an average communicator, maybe even a little better.  Learn More
5 Myth-Busting Insights for More Successful Sales Presentations
By Nick Morgan

The sales world has accumulated many myths about what makes for success, especially in the tricks and techniques for communicating during the sale — a huge part of any sales process. Following are some myth-busting insights from the latest communications research. Follow these five steps and see your close rate skyrocket.  Learn More ----------
How to Draw Curved Lines in PowerPoint 2010
By Geetesh Bajaj

Last month in PresentationXpert you learned how simple it is to draw a straight, point to point line in PowerPoint.  Now we’ll move on to show you how you can draw a curved line in PowerPoint 2010. Follow these steps to draw such lines using the software. Learn more.

6 Tips to Deliver More Effective Webinars and Teleseminars 
By Lisa B. Marshall

Virtual presentations are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to share your insights and expertise. And as an added bonus, you not only create new relationships, you also build stronger relationships with your existing customers. However, when attempting any new presentation style, there are always a few “technical difficulties” that are important to notice and address. Learn More

In the Spotlight: Onfinity CM2 Converts Walls, Projection Screens to Interactive Whiteboards    

The Onfinity CM2 Max  turns any wall, projection screen, dry erase board, or chalkboard into an interactive whiteboard surface. The  CM2 Max enables you to control your computer with a wand by simply touching the image, anywhere and on any surface, and works with image sizes that are very small up to 150 inches in size. The product features good resistance to ambient lighting; high resolution; quick response time, which aids rapid drawing and writing;  dual connection interfaces (USB and DBP ports); and an optional Stylus E-Pen.

Click here for more product details

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April 2011


Finding Your Groove Thing

5 Steps to More Successful Sales Presentations

How to Draw Curved Lines in PowerPoint 2010

6 Tips to Deliver More Effective Webinars


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