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Performing any job or task for an extended period makes us prone to bad habits, and it’s no different for experienced presenters. In her article this month, contributor Olivia Mitchell points out  five bad habits she says veteran presenters fall prey to on a regular basis. While you may not see yourself in any of these troubling traits, videotape can tell a different tale. That’s why Mitchell says it’s important, regardless of your experience level, to periodically solicit outside feedback so you can catch these insidious habits before they undermine your credibility as a presenter.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

p.s. Presentation guru Ellen Finkelstein has just announced her second annual Outstanding Presentations Workshop series, a free seven-week event set to launch on Sept 7. The speaker lineup includes the likes of Cliff Atkinson, Carmen Taran, Bruce Gabrielle, Jan Shultink and more. For more information, visit the workshop registration page.

How to Avoid Stunningly Awful SaaS Demonstrations
By Peter Cohan

What are the challenges of presenting SaaS (software-as-a-service) offerings versus “traditional” or “on-premise” software products? SaaS sales demos present specific opportunities for disaster – several of which are outlined in this latest installment of Stunningly Awful Demos.  Learn More

3 Common Presentation Pitfalls and How to Fix Them
By Mike Parkinson

There are three critical errors to which many presentations fall prey. Here are the culprits and some proven ways to fix them to create more impactful, visually-impressive presentations. Learn More
6 Tips for Presenting With a Team, As a Team
By Lisa B. Marshall

Presenting in a team may seem like a daunting task, but there are benefits too. You’re not alone! Someone can come to your rescue if you need it. Teammates also can contribute their unique perspectives and experiences which adds dimension to a presentation.

For your next team assignment, try incorporating these tips and techniques to deliver an unforgettable presentation.  Learn More

The 5 Bad Habits of Experienced Speakers
By Olivia Mitchell

I’ve been through a long journey (25 years) of developing as a speaker. I started off shy, nervous and tentative. Now I’m a high energy, animated speaker and I love connecting, laughing and riffing with an audience. But along the way I’ve picked up some bad habits. Attending Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Retreat helped me identify some of these habits. So I’m starting off this list with my bad habits and then I’ll go onto list habits I’ve observed among other experienced speakers.  

Learn More 

In the Spotlight: Eiki Projector for Meeting
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Combining rich color imaging technology, XGA resolution and a short throw optical system, the Eiki LC-XSP2600  projector can be used for classroom or meeting room presentation needs and delivers maximum picture in minimum space.

The projector has 2,600 ANSI lumens with 85% uniformity and a 500:1 contrast ratio, supports analog and digital video input in all color standards up to 1080p and has three- panel LCD imaging that delivers a rich, color-saturated picture.

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