Bios: Ask the Experts Speakers


Ric Bretschneider, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Most people know Ric Bretschneider because he spent 17 years at Microsoft helping make PowerPoint into the business communications juggernaut it is today. He’s a technologist, trouble maker, and problem solver whose interests outstretch his available time by a significant magnitude. Professionally he splits his time between attempting to raise the quality of business communications, particularly presenting, and a love of software design and development. Ric founded the Silicon Valley’s branch of the Pecha Kucha presentation event, and can occasionally be heard on his Presentations Roundtable podcast promoting excellence in design and technique through interviews of industry professionals. He consults when he thinks the project and people are cool enough, and when all involved are committed to being awesome.

Stephy Lewis:

She can’t grow plants without killing them, but she sure can grow websites—all while simultaneously tiling her kitchen. Oh, and presentations, too. She’s got an uncanny ability to get to the heart of your message and craft a presentation that will leave your audience enthralled, not snoozing. She loves sketching little people on tiny post it notes and doesn’t like symmetry unless it’s on her face. She’s a kick-ass problem solver and she’s in love with PowerPoint.

Sandra Johnson, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

She helps presenters PowerPoint. Responsibly. A certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise, Sandra has been creating presentations for corporations and individuals around the globe since 2001. She’s been a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP since 2008. Visit her website at

Steve Rindsberg, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Steve Rindsberg is the CEO, COO, CFO, and Lord of All He Surveys at PPTools, where he develops popular add-ins for PowerPoint. There, he presides (he’s the President, too) over a vast staff (himself)and reports to the cats and any of the many foreign students that he and his wife have serially adopted.

He began his professional life with a degree in Political Science. Armed with that, and little else, he’s spent his career as a photographer and multi-image slide show producer; doing computer graphics and service bureau work; and for the last ten years writing add-ins for PowerPoint. From developing film to developing software. Some bright day, perhaps, he’ll find a use for the degree.

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