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Anyone viewing the brain freeze experienced by presidential candidate Rick Perry in a recent debate likely cringed at the painful moment, but the truth is many presenters have been in his shoes, albeit without the same harsh spotlight. Although nerves or stress can affect the best of us, there are safety nets you can employ to ensure a similar disaster doesn’t afflict your high-stakes presentations. For more, see speech coach Nick Morgan’s ideas in this month’s issue.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

7 Tips for Powerful Sit-Down Presentations
By Dianna Booher

Whether it’s answering an offhanded query, “How’s the project going?” or selling your ideas for conducting a new employee survey, every presentation you make is an opportunity to establish an executive presence and move up in your organization. Consider these tips for improving both the substance and style of your next presentation so that you can speak up with confidence and authority.  Learn More

Become a More Effective Online Speaker!

Learn how to prepare a presentation that complements the web environment and how to deliver it with confidence and professionalism. Attend Adobe Connect’s online webinar on Jan. 19, 2012. Click here for more information or to register.

Rick Perry and the Blank Mind: How to Avoid a Similar Fate
By Nick Morgan

Like many Americans, I was riveted by debater Rick Perry’s apparent brain freeze as he attempted to talk about the three cabinet departments he would kill if elected president.  As a speech coach, I sympathize, having seen clients do the same thing many times – and done it myself.  Learn More
What to Do When You’re Losing Your Audience
By Olivia Mitchell

Your audience’s attention will fade over time unless you take specific steps to keep them engaged. Although our attention span is limited, we do have the ability to refocus on a task. When you push the “Attention Reset Button” you’re giving your audience that opportunity to refocus.  Learn More

Occupy PowerPoint!
By Rick Altman

Living just 20 miles from Oakland, the city described as having the eyes of the nation upon it, I know all about protests. And given that “Death by PowerPoint” is a part of everyone’s vocabulary today, it comes as no surprise that community leaders have reached the following determination: It’s time to occupy the software. Learn More
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