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Dear Readers,

In the rush to put together presentations it’s easy to fall back on buzzwords, cliches, acronyms and other vague corporate-speak that does more to sedate an audience than keep it on the edge of its seat. As a contributor Dianna Booher points out in this issue, when you aim instead for specificity and originality in language, it quickly sets you apart from the pack. For a list of bureaucratic buzzwords to avoid in your speeches, read Dianna’s article this month.  

Dave Zielinski, Editor

Spark a Fire: 5 Tips to Grab and Hold Audience Attention
By Mike Parkinson
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Yaaaawn. Even the best presentations lose your attention. Why? Because your brain is fast. Your mind drifts once you decide the information presented is unimportant or uninteresting. You need to be engaged to stay focused. Your audience is exactly the same. Here are five techniques to capture and hold your audience’s attention throughout your presentation. Learn More


Are Bureaucratic Buzzwords Muddying Your Message?
By Dianna Booher
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If a phrase starts to easily roll off your tongue, stop and consider that you’re about to use a cliché—a sentiment so overused that it has long since lost its power. Instead, aim for originality and specificity. Stringing jargon terms and business clichés together in paragraph after paragraph… from document to document…from presentation to presentation…makes communication bland and meaningless.  Learn more


Consider These Free Photo-Editing Tools for Presentations
By Ellen Finkelstein
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When you want to insert a photo into PowerPoint, you should think about how you can edit that photo to improve it. You can perform photo editing in PowerPoint. But you may not have PowerPoint 2010 and the feature sometimes leaves rough edges. So here’s a list of some other free photo-editing tools. Learn More


What Makes a Sales Demo Truly Remarkable?
By Peter Cohan
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What makes customers say, “Remember the time that vendor did that really amazing demo?”  What is the difference between a good demo and a Truly Great Demo? They’re remarkable. They’re memorable. They stand out from all of the other demos and presentations – because they were really different. Learn More


In The Spotlight: Teleprompter for
Web video production

The Vlogger from Prompter People is a complete teleprompter with a built-in camera to produce Internet video. Users load a script and the Vlogger scrolls it in front of the built-in camera so your videos look like you are making eye-contact with the viewer. PC or Mac Software included.

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February 2012


Spark a Fire: 5 Tips to Grab Audience Attention

Are Bureaucratic Buzzwords Muddying Your Message?

Free Photo-Editing Tools for Presentations

What Makes a Demo Truly Remarkable?



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