How to Build a Website Framework Using PowerPoint

By Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Moving a website from one provider to another crashed the website. So we took the opportunity to create a new, improved framework. Our goal was to find a way to build a visual website framework that our web designer could use to visually see and emulate as he built the website.

Website wireframes template design sketch style kit

I looked at a lot of framework applications and most were cumbersome and not easy to use. I would have to learn a new software and the learning curve looked like it would take time I was looking for a way to create a website that was easy to build and still rich in information. I need a sandbox where I could move elements around, playing with different looks and navigation. I am a visual person and I needed that option. Creating an outline in Word just wasn’t enough to get things moving in the right direction.

One of our subscribers suggested I look at PowerMockup, a wireframe and mockup add-in for PowerPoint. It includes a collection of over 400 line icons, 27 annotations, 17 mouse cursor options, placeholder picture icons, touch gestures which are common hand gestures you might use on a smartphone or tablet, over 75 Windows desktop shapes such as navigation, content, input, and system shape and over 100 shapes to build low-fidelity wireframes and more.

You have the perfect sandbox to sketch user interfaces for the web and for mobile. My website developer loved that they had a Bootstrap Wireframe. It is commonly used for creating HTML, CSS pages and more. It took me less than an hour to create the framework I needed for the website I needed to build. And the best part, it was an add-in to PowerPoint.

annotation-shapes-screenshot-v1 ciommon-wirefream-shapes

What I really love about this add-in id that they provide an extensive collection of user-interface elements and icons, built our PowerPoint shapes. No new software to use. And with these elements simplify the process you need to use to easily create prototypes of mobile and web applications. And the best part, you can do it all for inside PowerPoint.

This add-in is $59 but I tried the free trial first to make sure I liked and I did. It is now on my QAT in PowerPoint. If you want to see it in action, watch the video below.

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