List of Presentation Skill Coaches and Trainers

PresentationXpert has created a list of presentation skill coaches, trainers and consultants who can help you improve your message development, PowerPoint slide design, delivery skills and more. Each provider’s website link includes more information about specific areas of coaching or training expertise. All experts listed have contributed content to PresentationXpert newsletter or website.

Better Presenting, Rick Altman, president

Distinction Communication, Jim Endicott, president, Ellen Finkelstein, president

Booher Research Institute, Dianna Booher, CEO

Billion Dollar Graphics, Mike Parkinson, president

Indezine, Geetesh Bajaj, president

Think Outside The Slide, Dave Paradi, CEO

Public Words, Nick Morgan, president

Present Your Story, Nolan Haims

Ethos3, Scott Schwertly, CEO

Decker Communications, Ben Decker, CEO

Turpin Communication, Greg Owen-Boger, vice president

Echosvoice, Echo Swinford, principal

Terberg Design, Julie Terberg, principal

Brody Professional Development, Majorie Brody, CEO

Laura Foley Design, Laura Foley, president

DeFinis Communications, Angela DeFinis, president

Power Presentations Ltd, Jerry Weissman, CEO

Duarte, Nancy Duarte, CEO

Beyond Bullet Points, Cliff Atkinson, president

And…Now Presenting, Kathy┬áReiffenstein, president

Speaker Sue, Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, president

Presentation Advisors, Jon Thomas, president

Effective Speaking, Olivia Mitchell, senior trainer

Speak to Engage, Lisa Braithwaite, president

The Rad Presenters Podcast, Jon Schwabish and Stephanie Evergreen



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