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Dear Readers,

Presenters are often counseled to become larger, more animated versions of themselves when stepping on stage, to adopt a persona they wouldn’t otherwise use in everyday interactions. That’s good advice as far as it goes, since you need to keep audiences engaged.  But as contributor Sandra Zimmer writes in this issue, attempting to be "more than what we are" also can create tension in the mind and body. Underneath the surface, Zimmer says, we can strive too much, push too hard. 

Conversely, when we don’t try to be more than our true selves as speakers, we can relax and be real. Without pretense, we don’t have to inflate or embellish what we have to offer. And more times than not,  that authenticity lends heft and believability to our messages, making an enduring impact on audiences.

Dave Zielinski, Editor

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Is Narcissism Creeping into Your Presentations?
By Carmen Taran

In a recent research study, psychologists analyzed data obtained from 16,475 U.S. college students who were asked to complete the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) between 1982-2006. The survey contains questions such as “I will usually show off if I get the chance,” “I am an extraordinary person,” and “If I ruled the world, it would be a better place.” These findings prompted me to reflect on how concepts related to narcissism and an exaggerated sense of self-worth may impact presentations.  Learn More
3 Steps to Choosing the Right Presentation Colors
By Mike Parkinson

Poor color choice in presentations results in unsightly visuals, bad feedback and negative feelings from your audience.  A good color palette makes a good presentation better, elicits positive feedback and increases audience acceptance of your content.

But how do you pick the best colors for your subject matter and audience? For example, which of these two pieces of pie would you rather eat?  Learn More ---------- Think PowerPoint is Your Only Option? Consider These Design Alternatives
By Jon Thomas

While I am clearly a fanboy of Apple, as I write this on my MacBook Pro, my slideware of choice is actually Microsoft PowerPoint. I do have Apple’s Keynote design software, but I have never come across a compelling reason to use Keynote instead of PowerPoint. (Do you have one?)

However, using PowerPoint isn’t always an option. Even if it is, sometimes you don’t want the same old slides or you may need to collaborate with a dispersed team online and sending files back and forth doesn’t cut it. Here are a few alternatives to PowerPoint, both in the online and offline world.  Learn more

Secret to Speaking Success: Don’t Strive to Be More Than You Are
By Sandra Zimmer

Recently I attended a workshop on Sound, Color & Vibration taught by Elias Demohan and Rafael Demohan.  Elias has been the most significant spiritual teacher in my life, and the workshop was mostly a review of methods for self-transformation he taught me 35 years ago.

But Elias said one thing that electrified me and carries a simple but powerful message for presenters. He said, “Don’t try to be more than you are.”  Learn More

In the Spotlight:  Interactive Short Throw Projector

The Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Short Throw projector throws an 80" image at 10" from the edge of the projector. This prevents shadows caused by obstructions and also reduces any light shining in the presenter’s eyes.

Transform lessons into creative opportunities to inspire learning with StarBoard Software, a  set of teaching and lesson building tools designed for educators. The projector also allows you to use your own software. For better performance, both an IR Sensor and Ultra Sonic technology are used. This increases reliability and eliminates lag time from pen to projection for a more natural writing experience.

The projector allows users to adjust the four corners and four sides of the image one by one, which helps correct geometrical and complicated distortions.

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May 2011


Is Narcissism Creeping Into Your Presentations?

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Colors for Presentations

Think PowerPoint is Your Best Option? Try These Alternatives

Secret to Speaking Success: Don’t Be More Than Who You Are 


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