Prezi Launches “Prezi Next”, Offering Real-Time Audience Feedback and Analytics for Presentations

By Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

Did you know that 90% of the information we take in comes to us through our eyes¹?  The growing demand to add visual storytelling and engaging interactivity to the presentation experience has triggered innovation and focus in the presentation industry over the last year. Capitalizing on insights from their 85 million users, Prezi has created a groundbreaking, interactive, and robust next-gen visual presentation platform with the launch of Prezi Next.

According to Peter Arvai, CEO and co-founder of Prezi², these insights drove the creation of Prezi Next, so presentations will be “transformed from a typical ‘one-way’ dialogue to an interactive conversation that supports immersive storytelling.” “Prezi Next also sets the foundation for us to adopt, support, and implement emerging and future technologies, such as the augmented reality preview we’re sharing at TED 2017,” he continued.

Building on the storytelling elements of the original Prezi product, the new product offers a more flexible intuitive editor with customizable designer templates and an interactive format which lets presenters move freely between topics and adapt on the fly, without having to flip through slides. Through this approach, called “conversational presenting,” presenters can focus on what interests their audiences most, a method that is proven to be more engaging and effective.

Role of Analytics

Understanding how your sales targets interact with your content is a key indicator of how to personalize their experience all the way through the sales funnel. Previously only available to teams, this feature enables you to polish your presentation based on real-time analytics. Personalization is the key to success in demand-gen so using this tool will enable you to tailor your presentation to what is most important to your target and drive more defined and effective sales funnel.

In their knowledge base online, they have great tutorials on analytics including viewing a presentation’s statistical data, page view summary, breakdown by viewer, and editing a link’s analytics.

What’s New in Prezi Next?

It is built on the latest HTML5 technologies and includes the following features to help users more easily create, present, and analyze their presentations.

For creation:
  • A new editor: Prezi Next is built on a completely new editor, which is easier and more intuitive to use, and enables customers to create presentations more quickly.
  • “Smart Structures”: To help users more easily structure, modify, and move information in their presentations, Smart Structures allow you to easily expand on your messages to show context. Information containers behave in a smart way and make it easy to expand your content with one click.
  • Designer templates: Prezi Next includes 100 new designer templates that can be easily customized to fit any brand or topic. Even new users can quickly create professional-quality presentations that set them apart and make them more memorable.
For presenting:
  • Conversational Presenting: Through a new dynamic, flexible format, users can more easily navigate a presentation from point A to point Z, or go straight to point M, without flipping through slides.
  • Zoom Reveal function: Allows presenters to tell their story and reveal information as they go, adding excitement to their narratives.
  • Prezi Viewer for Android and iOS devices: Users can present anywhere at any time.
For analytics:

In the Premium package, Prezi Next includes analytics features which allow:

  • Real-time view tracking: Users can see who is viewing their presentation, and when.
  • Real-time sharing: Users can see who is sharing their presentation, and with whom.
  • Content optimization: By providing data on view times for each part of their presentation, users can see which content is resonating best with their audience, where they spend most of their time, and where they drop off.
Getting Started with Prezi Next

Learning a new or updated technology is certainly easier with a tutorial. Prezi has set up a quick start knowledge base with clear, easy-to-digest tutorials. There are seven topics including:

  • Installing and logging in
    • Supported browsers:
      • For editing: Prezi Next presentations can currently be edited using Chrome, Firefox 64 bit, and Safari 10.
      • For viewing: Presentations are best viewed with the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer.
  • Working in your language
  • Starting a new presentation

If you want to learn more about “Conversational Presenting”, download their free eBook here.

Take the time to go check out “Prezi Next” and then take it for a test drive.  It is free to download. Prezi Next is available now worldwide. For more information on Prezi Next premium pricing, please visit

Let me know what you think of Prezi Next via email.






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