Shopping for Holiday Presentation Templates: Free, Paid or Make Your Own

Happy group people in santa hat at Xmas business party.

It’s the holidays and you must create that presentation for the holiday party or the company celebration. And you are so busy still trying to catch up on shopping, decorating your house, and working on those projects due at the end of the year. And having that PowerPoint slide or template would be a big help. So what are your options?

Option 1: Use a Free Template

Picking one may be your hardest option. There are a lot of free PowerPoint templates available online. You might be required to register or to watch a short video commercial which is not unusual on free games, templates or apps.

Check These Out:

Free PowerPoint Backgrounds: Click on each one to download the template




PowerPoint to DVD Website: 


Download Christmas Template 1
Download Christmas Template 2
Download Christmas Template 3

There are many others to choose from on their site so go explore. 

Check out this Hanukkah Template from


Download any of these free templates from or KingSoft.

Option 1: Buy a Holiday Template

Presenter Media:  They offer packages as low as $39 per month which include over 10,000 images to choose from including holidays. Here is a sample of their animated templates. 


Option 3: Build Your Own

Yes, you like the templates that are available but you want something that you can brand or present as your own. So, let ‘s look at some choices. First,  you could use a template that you found online for free but change the colors or add something else to make it your own. Struggling with ideas. This is where PowerPoint’s Design Option will inspire you. Just open a new slide deck. Insert  your picture and if you PowerPoint 2016, the magic happens and you see options to consider


Still looking for some inspiration. That is when I use the command Insert online pictures. These offer royalty free images or ones that can be reused under Creative Commons attributes licenses.

None of the ones I could find on Bing were what I was looking for nor did I feel they were high quality. So, I went to Big to search on New Year’s and there were over 57K choices.


I searched for the most popular and settled on two that I liked. 2017 is the year of the Rooster so using that imagery is different and fun.


Using the Windows Photo editor, you can play with your images and discover options such as those in the picture below:



I also brought it into PowerPoint and looked for inspiration but it really didn’t help with this rooster picture.


Let’s look at the other Rooster Picture as well.rooster-ppt-desng-optoin-2

I decided to make my own version of these pictures and from there, make my own templates.  First, here are the two pictures with the PXpert logo added:


And here is how I used each one in a PowerPoint template.  The Design Feature definitely gave me good ideas to start with and adapt.


What PowerPoint Design suggested



What I changed it to…


How I changed it with the second picture and changing the color

So there is no limit to what you can do so be creative, have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

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