Solving the Handout Dilemma

By Dave Zielinski

Most of you know the dilemma. You’re trying to save time by creating PowerPoint slides that also double as handouts for your audience. But the problem is the best presentation visuals usually make the worst handouts, since they use short, pithy bullet points that serve as memory prompts, not as teleprompter text. Such slides don’t have sufficient detail to make for good audience take-aways.

But there is a solution — the Notes Master in PowerPoint. In his webinar last month for PresentationXpert readers, titled Survival Skills for Overcoming Death by PowerPoint, presentation skill trainer Rick Altman demonstrated how you can use the Notes feature as a shortcut for creating quality handouts, saving time and ensuring you create two distinct documents. For more detail on the approach, click here to view Rick’s recorded webinar.

Viewing your projected content and your printed or “leave behind” content as two different animals will ensure you meet audience needs on two distinct but equally important levels.

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