Throwback Thursday – Our Favorite Presentation Summit “Dishing on Presentations” Conversations

By Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor


It is our favorite time of year…the annual Presentation Summit conference is coming up in about two weeks.

At the New Orleans conference, we interviewed speakers and presentation experts about the conference and other hot topics. So, I thought it would a good chance to go back and listen to some of our favorite conversations from that conference.

Let’s start with our host, Rick Altman of Better Presenting. We caught up with Rick on the last day. He shared some thoughts on the conference and its community.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Carmen Simon

We chatted with Dr. Carmen Simon, who is one of the keynotes this year in Florida. I also interviewed her last month for Dishing on Presentations.  In the first conversation, we ask the brilliant Dr. Carmen Simon, a highly respected cognitive scientist point she made in her #PreSum15 keynote. She said that people only remember 10% of a presentation and they forget 90% of a presentation. Listen to what she says.

They also talk about what presenters to counter the power of the unexpected to enhance memory at #PreSum15

We asked Dr. Carmen Simon to share her most memorable presentations based on exceptional memory-based techniques. Carmen states she is always on the lookout for where she can find memorable presentations. She found one in a salt mine in Poland. Listen to her story!

Keith Harmeyer, Author, Smart Storming

Keith Harmeyer is a recognized thought leader on the topics of innovative thinking, creative problem solving, idea generation and advanced presentation and communication skills. An accomplished speaker and writer, Keith is the co-author of the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas. He has shared his insights with an international audience of thousands of corporate professionals from a wide range of industries. In his interview with #PresentationXpert – Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Keith shared his own game changing life moment.

Nigel Holmes

The brilliant Nigel Holmes, known as the creator of infographics, was the morning keynote at the 2015 Presentation Summit. He wowed the audience with his humor and fun graphics and a tremendous knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t in creating informational graphics. He chatted with Sharyn Fitzpatrick after his keynote.

Our Community of Presentation Experts and Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs

Mike Parkinson, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

We had a great discussion at #PreSum15 with Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Mike Parkinson, about sales presentations and how to do them effectively.

Nolan Haims, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

We caught up with Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Nolan Haims at the 2015 Presentation Summit in New Orleans. Listen as they talk about the importance of imagery and how to use it like a pro.

Julie Terberg and Echo Swinford, Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs and Best Friends

#PresentationXpert ‘s Sharyn Fitzpatrick talked to these two amazing MVPs about their book. “Building PowerPoint Templates: Step by Step with the Experts,” a one-of-a-kind guide to building templates that work well beyond your desktop. It is easy to see how their camaraderie has really resulted in a great partnership – in business and in life.

Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

We talk to Microsoft MVP Geetesh Bajaj about design trends in presentations such as “flat” designs.

We asked Geetesh to talk about how to manage expectations about managing your slides – either as too much info or not enough.

He talks about number of slides vs length of presentation.

Shawn Villaron, Microsoft

It was great to catch up with Shawn Villaron, Microsoft’s Partner Group Program – Analytics and Presentation PM – US. He chatted with #PresentationXpert’s Sharyn Fitzpatrick and shared what he and his team learn from the #PreSum15 attendees, what they will take back to their software team and more.

Taylor Croonquist

Taylor is an amazing wealth of knowledge about the nuts and bolts of PowerPoint. He has learned to push the technology to its limits. We asked him to share his tips on how to maximize pictures in PowerPoint. He shares his advice with us in three video conversations.

John Ramhlow, Vanguard

John Rahmlow shared his thoughts on the #PresentationXpert webinar series with Sharyn Fitzpatrick and Dave Zielinski.

I can’t wait to see what the conversations are this year.  So stay tuned for more “Dishing on Presentations“.   See you in Florida later this month.



Sharyn Fitzpatrick

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