[Video] Dishing on Presentations with author, Dr. Simon Raybould

The science of presentations is not a formula you need to remember. According to Simon’s Presentation Genius Manifesto, he wants simonto share the science of what works in presenting to help you change the world. His joie de vivre is infectious. It was a delightful conversation. One of my favorite points is when he talks about using credibility as a hybrid presentation intro option.

picture1I read Simon’s book, Presentation Genius last year and it is based on extensive research and creativity. Everyone who reads will walk away with gems to polish their presentation content and skills. This book is written with Simon’s affable charm and wit. It is an invaluable read whether you are a presentation novice looking for guidance or a seasoned pro. There is science enough for everyone.

Simon is a highly-respected speaker and trainer, based in the UK. He worked for 24 years as a university researcher, publishing in many peer-reviewed journals and developing an international reputation. He worked with several government and ministers and was the head of the largest social science research unit in the UK. He can be reached via email.

Watch and enjoy!

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