Using Prezi to Build Visually Captivating Presentations Outside of PowerPoint

By Sharyn Fitzpatrick



In today’s changing technology landscape, PowerPoint has some competition as new technologies such as Keynote and Prezi offer enticing alternatives.   It is about finding the right tool to match what you need for your presentation.  Watch and listen as Prezi’s Drew Banks and David Malpass explore how you can learn to think differently about your presentations and how to create cinematic, 3D experiences for your audience.  They transform a standard PowerPoint presentation into a Prezi presentation so you can discover the differences for yourself.  They show us how to get started with Prezi and how to maximize the power of the technology with tips and ideas.


About Drew Banks

banksAfter treading across NC State’s “Brickyard” plaza and down MIT’s infinite corridor, Drew cut his entrepreneurial teeth within game-changing companies such as SAS and Silicon Graphics. Hooked on disruptive innovation, Drew co-founded Pie Digital in 2005 to make home networking easy as Pie! At Prezi, Drew returns to his SGI-spawned passion to change the world through visualization. Drew also writes. He’s published a couple of business books on communications and social media, as well as a couple of novels on … life.


About David Malpass

David Malpass

David is familiar with myriad aspects of marketing optimization, especially in the necessarily agile start-up environment. Using metrics to create and optimize marketing campaigns, David analyzes and perfects marketing operations ranging from all aspects of electronic messaging and search engine marketing, to social media marketing and beta testing programs.

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