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We feature the presentation industry’s top experts providing how-to advice, actionable insights and resource recommendations. This page has a listing of upcoming webinars as well as free archived recordings of all past webinars (detailed descriptions of each recorded webinar are included.)

John Rahmlow

Listen to frequent webinar attendee, John Ramhlow of Vanguard as he shares his feedback on the webinar series.  


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Did you miss one of our live webinars?  Or do you want to see one of them again?  Below is a catalog of our recorded webinars and the links to view them on our YouTube channel.  Enjoy!

They came to save the day! We have experts from The Presentation Guild who answered your questions – the easy ones, the complex ones, and the tech questions.  Watch the webinar recording and learn from our amazing rock star panelists – Stephy Lewis, and Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs – Ric Bretschneider, Steve Rindsberg, and Sandra Johnson. This is the first in our “Ask the Experts” series. We are assembling panels of experts just for you, made from top talent in various specialties, and focused on your questions and needs.  Enjoy the first one. To learn more about the Guild, go to http://presentationguild.org.

Presenter: Panelists: Ric Bretschneider, Stephy Lewis, Sandra Johnson, and Steve Rindsberg

Fan Favorite, Marvelous Makeovers: Presentations Edition is back!

Watch Rick Altman transform ugly slides provided by our subscribers into marvelous makeovers. Did you know that makeover seminars are the most popular of all at the Presentation Summit, the annual conference for the industry, but what exactly is a makeover? Is it just the prettying up of a bad slide? In fact, there are many forms of makeovers, and they are all on display during recorded webinar. Watch it now to find out what magic Rick will pull out of his hat to make “Marvelous” slides. Plus, an added bonus from Rick is a handout full of tips, tricks, and how-tos. You can download the handout here.

Presenter: Rick Altman

Ready to build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects? Looking for opportunities to connect with your audience at a deeper level? It’s easy and cost-effective with live webinars. And your key to success is in the planning, setup, and execution.

Whether you’re new to webinar production, or you’re looking to tune-up your game plan, this resource-filled webinar guides you through focused steps that will help give you the confidence to get your webinars off to a great start.

You learn:

– How to structure your webinar content for maximum time efficiency
– Best practices to set up your equipment, camera, and monitors
– How to use modern webinar tools to engage your audience

Presenter: James Hilliard

Are you slides “over-stuffed” with too much content? Are they readable? Or, is the type so small, you need to include a magnifying glass to read it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then watch this recorded webinar from PresentationXpert with designer Bethany Auck. It is the perfect chance to learn how to slim down your slide content. Learn how to take those over-stuffed slides and transform them into bite-size snacks – easier for your audience to digest and enjoy. Bethany uses real-life before & after examples to explain how to reduce content without losing data and meaning.

Presenter: Bethany Auck

Calling all geeks! Watch this interactive webinar recording with Presentation Summit’s Rick Altman as he looks at an under-utilized set of tools designed to help you break free of the linear way most of us think about using PowerPoint.

– Manage time through basic hyperlinking
– Create flexibility with Actions and Triggers
– Integrate other slide decks with Inserted Objects
– Blow the minds of your audiences by anticipating their questions

Presenter: Rick Altman

In the “Death by PowerPoint: Slide Makeovers” recorded webinar, you’ll see how ugly slides can be redesigned to communicate messages more effectively. Join presentation design expert Laura Foley as she shows you how to transform slides from awful to awesome!  Click “Learn More” to get a copy of the handout.

Try GoToWebinar free for 30 days, and save 20% on an annual subscription. Give it a try today.

Presenter: Laura Foley

In this recorded webinar, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Nolan Haims guides you through creating your own persuasive presentation structure step by step and reveals each question that needs to be answered along the way. From the very first and most important determining piece of information (it’s not what you think…) to identifying your audience, creating singular messaging, calls to action, simple ideation techniques and easy outlining.

You learn how to define your “Point A” and your “Point B,” how to write your presentation bumper sticker and how to use certain PowerPoint tools to your advantage to stay organized. Nolan also discusses what makes good a header and how to avoid jargon and business-speak.

Presenter: Nolan Haims

Do you know how to harness the power of infographics for your businesses?  Watch this recorded webinar with graphics guru, Mike Parkinson to learn tips and tricks to make professional infographics fast and get low-cost and free tools to help quickly render them. NO design skill or previous experience needed. Explore the current trends and best practices then apply those techniques in your next presentation. Review infographics from around the world and discover how to do it yourself (and what not to do), and you will improve the quality and effectiveness of your presentations by adding powerful infographics.

Presenter: Mike Parkinson

Don’t you think the world has seen enough “me too” presentations? Haven’t too many people been lulled to sleep by status quo design? All great work starts with an idea, and presentations are no exception. And the more innovative the idea, the more exceptional the end product will be. In this recorded webinar, Mitchell Rigie and Keith Harmeyer, authors of the best-selling book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generation Bigger, Better Ideas, show us how to use out-of-the-box thinking and six idea-inspiring steps to get your ideas started out right and then apply it to presentation design and delivery. They shared real-world examples of how their clients used this to improve their presentations, both in style and in delivery. `

Presenter: Keith Harmeyer and Mitchell Rigie

It’s been a good year and now it’s time to present your results in PowerPoint! Yeah…or yikes?  Well before you chain yourself to your desk and try arm wrestling your PowerPoint tables and charts into shape, watch this interactive end of the year reporting webinar full of hacks, tips and tricks for fast tracking through these difficult object classes to get the data visualization you are aiming for. And start 2016 off with a few new tricks. Taylor Croonquist, Nuts & Bolts Speed Training is back by popular demand to give us an hour full of fun and magic and he delivered an information-packed webinar.

Presenter: Taylor Croonquist

BoringPresentation_WebMake winning sales presentations. In this webinar with sales and presentation guru, Mike Parkinson, you will learn the tricks the pros use to get audience agreement and sell a product, solution or idea. Use the latest behavioral psychology and neuro-marketing techniques. Use what you learn during the webinar to make a clear, compelling presentation that gets buy-in and improves your success rate. It’s easy—when you know how to do it.

Presenter: Mike Parkinson

..For the busy professional for whom everything is due yesterday. 

youre-LATE-psd97874One of the objectives of design makeovers is to leave your audience members with their jaws on the floor, but we know that it is not entirely fair, showing you designs that you might not have the skills or the time to recreate. Besides, there is more to presentation design than creating pretty slides…much more. A good makeover takes into account the look and feel of the slides, the message being conveyed, and the reality of those in charge of the project. Taken directly from Rick Altman’s client files, these makeovers carry with them the hope that you will look at them and say, “Hey, I can do that.” As a special bonus, at no extra charge (i.e. you pay nothing more than the $0 that this webinar is costing you), Rick will perform a makeover of our own webinar branding. Gulp…

Presenter: Rick Altman

imagery-like-the-prosMicrosoft PowerPoint MVP, Nolan Haims delivers a very informative how-to webinar on how to use imagery that is powerful, visual and perfect for the content you want to deliver. He showed us how to source and use imagery in presentations, covering both technical and design considerations. Watch it and you’ll learn tricks for professionally editing imagery within PowerPoint as well as proven graphic design principles to make your imagery as dynamic and effective as possible.

Presenter: Nolan Haims

Dishing on PowerPoint2Creating successful presentations is more than just software, according to Rick Altman, the host of the Presentation Summit. Listen to a lively and engaging conversation on the state of the presentation industry with thought leaders – Rick Altman, Carmen Simon, Mike Parkinson, Nolan Haims, Webinar Chick – Sharyn Fitzpatrick, and PresentationXpert editor, Dave Zielinski. Presentations are a way of life in corporate America but doing it right requires skill, creativity and great techniques. Our webinar panel dishes on what techniques and tools are trending right now. They will share real-life examples of design challenges each one faces and how they solve them. This provides a glimpse at what types of conversations were found at the Presentation Summit in New Orleans, September 27-30.

Presenter: Rick Altman, Carmen Simon, Mike Parkinson, Nolan Haims and Editor, Dave Zielinski

Successful business colleagues showing thumbs up signBusiness communication exists to move business forward. In a perfect world, that work is efficient and effective. Now, think about the last presentation or meeting you attended. Was it efficient and effective? No? You’re not alone. It’s time for a new approach, one that is practical and flexible enough to work in a variety of situations. This recorded session is not about tips and tricks. Instead, it’s a serious, big-picture look at group communication. It’s about the skills and techniques you use to achieve your goal and manage the process effectively and efficiently.

Presenter: Greg Owen-Boger

Picture1In this webinar, author Simon Morton and senior designer Andrew Warwick of Eyeful Presentations showed us how to look at our technology options such as presenting on a tablet, PowerPoint and Prezi and then decide which one fits our message and gives us the “Wow” we’re looking to communicate. Using real-world business scenarios, Simon shares insights into how to choose the right technology for different situations, whether it is a sales and marketing presentation, an internal presentation to our team or to an executive team.  Key highlights include learning how to: understand and analyze the evolving presentation landscape, understand the power and effectiveness of each technology and where it fits in your presentation strategy, and more.

Presenter: Simon Morton and Andrew Warwick, Eyeful Presentations

silver bullets2In this engaging and lively session, graphics guru, Mike Parkinson, teaches us the five silver bullets that guarantee a successful presentation. Each is proven to improve understanding, adoption, persuasion and/or performance. Use one or all of the silver bullets to make your next presentation a winner – no matter what the technology you use or in any presentation situation

Presenter: Mike Parkinson

graphic artist at work2 - 123rfIn the age of life-like video games and multimillion-dollar advertising budgets, subpar design has never been so obvious. Did you know that there is a growing trend to assign design-related tasks such as resizing picture or creating PowerPoints to non-designers? Does your heart beat faster when you first open up that new blank presentation? How can you communicate our expertise, knowledge and professionalism, not only explicitly, but implicitly in your design?  Watch Slide Rabbit’s Bethany Auck share her fast tips for creating a professional look for any presentation. You will learn how to incorporate branding simply so that every slide looks clean and custom designed.


Presenter: Bethany Auck, SlideRabbit

Magic Hat _123rfPowerPoint is an incredibly powerful program with lots of capabilities built in, and there will always be things that not everyone knows about. Plus, productivity goes out the window when you are stuck trying to figure out how to improve your PowerPoint slides or fix a problem that you can’t seem to solve. In this webinar with shortcut and productivity guru, Taylor Croonquist, you will discover hidden tricks that most presentation professionals didn’t know that PowerPoint could do.  The content will focuses on how to maximize the power tools you have in PowerPoint so you can get the job done. You’ll also discover tricks and shortcuts that will make your job more efficient and less stressful. For example, do you know how to break SmartArt? Break tables? Break up a list of bullets? Or, resize and crop multiple pictures in one process? Learning these time-saving tricks will increase your productivity and PowerPoint skills. No more pulling out your hair when you reach frustrating PowerPoint issues.


Presenter: Taylor Croonquist

Data doesn’t have to be either hard to understand or boring! Learn how to design charts that are both clear and beautiful.

In his webinar presentation, Nolan covered the following 31296748_l

  • Techniques for clarifying your data stories including picturing numbers without charts, and leveraging “The McKinsey Rule” by adding emphasis and using color correctly, direct labeling and splitting up charts
  • Simplification and reducing “chart junk”
  • Alternatives to pie charts
  • Charting pitfalls to avoid
Presenter: Nolan Haims

Webinar content can be so much more than PowerPoint slides and narration. Have you considered adding live video, prerecorded content, audio clips, web interactions, quizzes, or interactive exercises to your webinars? Multimedia content can improve attention and engagement from your attendees, but only if you use it carefully and correctly.

Watch this 60-minute webinar and learn best practices for incorporating multimedia components in your webinars. You will gain valuable tips such as:

Adobe AD

  1. Ways that multimedia can increase or inhibit interaction and engagement
  2. Techniques for smoothly integrating recorded content into your live presentation
  3. How to avoid making the most common and annoying webcam mistake
  4. What technical factors you need to be aware of before adding multimedia
  5. Fair use considerations for referencing publicly-posted content

The session was led by Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success and a recognized expert in webinar production and presentation. Ken will Ken Molayshare tips and tricks gleaned from 15 years of webinar experience, with plenty of practical examples for webinar administrators, moderators, and speakers.

Listen to the audience questions and Ken’s live answer to how to enhance your webinars and make them more attractive and memorable to your target audiences.

Presenter: Ken Molay

Simon Morton - headshotBased on Simon Morton’s critically-acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations”, this webinar is for the everyday presenter looking to drive results.  His consultancy, Eyeful Presentations has perfected their methodology and created a formula for the success of their clients. Watch this interactive webinar and you’ll learn how to successfully:

watch now on Brainshark

    • book framedAssess the needs of your audience
          • Structure an effective story
          • Be prepared for informal, interactive presentations
          • Use visuals with real meaning
Presenter: Simon Morton

slider shadow - rickHave you ever fallen prey to the conventional wisdom of printing slides to create a handout. Then this lively and interactive webinar with presentation specialist and author, Rick Altman is for you!

If the most annoying trait of all PowerPoint users is placing too much text on a slide (and it is), the leading cause of this offense is the printout. If you harbor the belief that you can create a slide that will be effective as your live visual and as your printed handout, this session attempts to disabuse you of that misguided notion. Responsible presentation designers must separate the tasks of creating visuals for their live presentation and creating printed handouts. In so doing, they distinguish themselves from 99% of everyone creating slides today.

Highlights include:

  •  How to move away from the Print button
  • Did you know that PowerPoint has a Handout master?
  • Too bad it’s useless for this purpose Learn how to create two documents within one PowerPoint file
Presenter: Rick Altman

You will be amazed by the magic that presentation guru, Mike Parkinson can create as he shows us dramatic “before and after” slides during his webinar. He transforms bad slides into amazing slides. See real before and after examples and learn how to do it yourself. Learn what makes a slide a failure and see how to fix it… fast. Using tools, tips and tricks we turn bullets into compelling graphics, improve templates, and enhance content.

After this session you will be able to:before_after_Banner2
1) Identify why a slide is bad (or great)
2) Turn bad slides into amazing slides
3) Transform bullets into graphics
4) Make your slides more memorable
5) Objectively validate that your slides will be successful
6) Save time and money

Presenter: Mike Parkinson

“Do you create persuasive presentations, webinars, or videos?”


No doubt you’ve attended presentations or webinars where the presenter read the text from slide after slide — and you started checking your email. Was it persuasive? No, IT WAS BORING! But this happens all the time. Do YOU know how to create a presentation or video that entrances and persuades?

Let Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Ellen Finkelstein show you how to be persuasive! Discover simple techniques based on solid research that everyone can learn! See great before-and-after examples that you can use as models. You’ll hear how one marketer used these techniques to increase his conversion rate from 50% to 70%.

Presenter: Ellen Finkelstein

We know best practices for presentations (“Use less text!” “Create separate handouts!” “Avoid bullets points!”), but the realities of corporate America often get in the way when we sit down in front of the computer. In this webinar, presentation strategist Nolan Haims shares numerous techniques and strategies, developed out of pure necessity, for achieving best practices while still meeting tight deadlines and contending with difficult clients.

notes pix

  • Multiple tactics for encouraging less text and fewer bullet points, including the disappearing content trick and the ridiculously simple “chunking” technique
  • Leveraging PowerPoint’s Notes view in unique ways to effortlessly create well-designed and distinctly different handouts
  • Creating “reskinnable” templates that can be turned into custom presentations in minutes
  • Keeping presentations highly editable through vector graphics and PowerPoint image-editing techniques
  • Breaking out of PowerPoint-think with “walking” and portrait print decks

Nolan Haims

The one hour session focuses on real world solutions for the types of presentation challenges we face in corporate environments. You won’t hear lots of theory and idealistic advice for how to give a TED Talk. But you will walk away with tips, tricks and strategies you can put to immediate use in the workplace to create and give better presentations.  In this session, presentation strategist Nolan Haims shares numerous techniques and strategies, developed out of pure necessity, for achieving best practices while still meeting tight deadlines and contending with difficult clien

Presenter: Nolan Haims

With the growing popularity of iPads and other mobile devices as presentation platforms, you need to learn more than just the basics of iPresenting.  The iPad can be be an immersive and fun way to present during a meeting or conference. With a bit of practice, you can even ditch your laptop and just go with your iPad.

Geetesh2In this webinar, Geetesh offers some some tips and tricks that will make your life as an iPresenter a little easier. Learn how to select the right app as your presentation partner and then how to use them to deliver impressive presentations the way they should be seen with full animation, the right fonts, and brilliant colors and graphics. Learn also what you need to do before you begin! and fun way to present during a meeting or conference. With a bit of practice, you can even ditch your laptop and just go with your iPad.

Presenter: Geetesh Bajaj

Ken Molay

Ken Molay

In his webinar, Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, presents tips to help you become a more

Our Webinar Sponsor

Our Webinar Sponsor

effective online speaker. Presenting on a webcast or webinar is fundamentally different from speaking in front of an in-room audience. Since you and your audience cannot see each other, your vocal style and the way you interact with the web conferencing software determines how you are perceived. You will learn how to prepare a presentation that complements the web environment and how to deliver it with confidence and professionalism. Discover ways to consciously adjust your vocal style in order to build rapport with your audience. Identify common presentation errors that can detract from your message.

Presenter: Ken Molay

We hear the rule of thumb all the time: PowerPoint slides should support your face-to-face presentations, from the background. dog_hugFair  enough. But what about the exploding number of live and on-demand presentations viewed online? How do you best engage your audience when you’re not there in person, and when they receive your message over their laptop, tablet or smartphone? In this high-energy webinar, Matt Gambino, author of “50 Minutes to Better Software Demos”, shows you surprisingly easy ways to make your online presentations so caffeinated and actionable, that your audience will want to reach out and hug you.

Presenter: Matt Gambino

In today’s changing technology landscape, PowerPoint has some competition as new technologies such as Keynote and PreziPrezi_edit-e1357749736726. Industry experts state that Prezi offer enticing alternatives. It is about finding the right tool to match what you need for your presentation. Watch and listen as Prezi’s Drew Banks and David Malpass explore how you can learn to think differently about your presentations and how to create cinematic, 3D experiences for your audience. They transform a standard PowerPoint presentation into a Prezi presentation so you can discover the differences for yourself. They show us how to get started with Prezi and how to maximize the power of the technology with tips and ideas.

Presenter: Drew Banks and David Malpass, Prezi

powerpoint makeover - wellenEllen Finkelstein, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP showed us how to dramatically improve our PowerPoint slides. Watch and learn as Ellen transforms slides from the audience. See the difference in “before” and “after” slide designs and learn easy tips on how to do it on your own. She shares lessons learned including how to improve slide design; de-clutter text-heavy slides; edit complex slides for clarity; and communicate more effectively with graphics, etc.

Presenter: Ellen Finkelstein

Make amazing slides… fast. Great slides increase attention, retention, and success. Learn the secrets industry leaders use to Screenshot 2014-07-28 15.00.08turn bad slides into clear, compelling slides. See what makes a slide the best-of-the-best and how to do it yourself using free or low-cost tools and best practices. Watch as Mike Parkinson from Billion Dollar Graphics transforms ho-hum, real-world slides into slides you will never forget using the techniques he will teach you.

     Topics include

  • Make professional graphics fast
  • Validate the success of your slides—before you make your slide
  • When and how to use logos, bullets, icons, symbols, pictures, animations, and graphics
  • Slide-making techniques that save you time and money
Presenter: Mike Parkinson

Professionals are expected to create and deliver effective and engaging PowerPoint presentations on a daily basis, but often theyScreenshot 2014-07-28 15.21.27 lack a background in design and are not sure how to get started. The end result is often “death by PowerPoint” as most people who give presentations craft their messages upside-down. They start with themselves instead of focusing on their audiences. This can be brutal with a craft practiced so publicly.

Join PowerPoint guru Rick Altman as he shares his best survival skills on how to build a solid structure and create engagement for every PowerPoint presentation. Discover how to craft and intertwine what you say with what you show in your slides and what you give as handouts. Learn how to survive the “Cram in everything” obsession, animation embarrassment and more. Harness the power of technology to create intelligent presentations that deliver the punch you are looking for.

Presenter: RIck Altman

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