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February Newsletter
Volume 18 Issue 2

6 Things You Should Never Do When Using Slides In Your Presentations
by Ian Altman

As a professional speaker who delivers over sixty talks per year, I know firsthand how technical malfunctions can leave even the most seasoned speakers feeling flustered and frustrated. When a slide presentation goes off the rails because of a power failure, audio glitch or other technical issue beyond the speaker's control, the best way to handle it is with some humor and a heaping dose of composure -- not to mention, a whole lot of preparation. Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The most in-demand professional speakers know... Read More...

Perfecting The Presentation
by Michael E. Gerber

We've spent a lot of time this month discussing how to craft a presentation to deliver an offer in front of a group of potential buyers. While a lot of entrepreneurs may only see value in the sales they close at such an event, dollars never tell the whole story for the value of a presentation at a seminar. Let's look at two critical parts of the transaction - or lack thereof Read More...

Your Next Presentation Could Bomb If You Don't Ask Your Audience This Question
by Mark Murphy

Most people start their business presentations by jumping right into their slides. They've got a slide deck prepared, they know what they want to say, and by gosh they're not going to let anyone or anything distract them from covering each and every slide. Now, that's not automatically a terrible thing; if you've been asked to give a very specific presentation about a very specific topic, and your audience knows exactly what they're there to hear, then that approach can work just fine. But often... Read More...

Over PowerPoint? Here Are 4 Ways To Create More Interesting Business Presentations
by Patrick Gray

It's become a ritual of sorts. A speaker walks into a meeting room and before exchanging a single pleasantry begins searching for a projector cable (that invariably requires an adapter that can't be located), furiously messing with their laptop to shouts of "Try Alt-Function-F5. Maybe it's Ctrl-Backslash-F2." and silently praying that computer, cabling, projector, and screen all work in harmony to blast a slideshow onto the screen. Fast forward a few minutes, and... Read More...

Your Presentation Is Drowning In Details, But Here's How To Fix It
by Anett Grant

Remember that meeting last week when your coworker had to present an update on the project she's leading-and you watched her go on and on, sharing detail after detail, until you wondered what the point was in the first place? You've probably made the same mistake at one time or another, too. When you're... Read More...


28 Great PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Steve Jobs Practiced 1 Habit That Turned Good Presentations Into Great Ones

March 20th, 2018

Marijuana In The Workplace

Melissa Fleischer

Melissa Fleischer

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