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March Newsletter
Volume 18 Issue 5

PowerPoint Tips From Duarte's Five Rules Presentation
by JD Sartain

One of the coolest PowerPoint slideshows I have ever seen is one of PowerPoint's own templates; it's called "Duarte's Five Rules." It uses animation, graphics, fonts, layout, design, sound, narration, and timing perfectly. The tips below explain and illustrate how many of the effects in this slide were created. First... Read More...

The Future Of Public Speaking - It's Not What You'd Expect
by Lelia Gowland

The days of the 1-hour keynote speech from a motivational speaker may be long gone. At the National Speaker Association Winter Conference, the theme "The Future of Speaking" invited images of holograms and robots. While at least one robot did make it to the stage, content instead focused primarily on an industry that s listening to and learning from its audiences. Clarity of ideas, engagement with the conference audience and, of course, technology were the major threads... Read More...

How To Recover A Deleted Or Unsaved PowerPoint File
by Bryan Clark

After hours of piecing together the perfect presentation, disaster happens the next morning as you go present it: It's gone. No matter how frantically you search File Explorer, your precious PowePoint presentation is gone. Microsoft, though, has your back. As long as you haven't disabled autorecovery, the file should still be on your machine -- or in the cloud, if you're an Office365 user. It's not foolproof, but you can often recover these accidentally deleted files. Next time... Read More...

10 PowerPoint Tips To Boost Your Workflow
by Helen Bradley

Whether you're a regular or occasional PowerPoint user, chances are that you are unaware of some of its handy features. Indeed some of the most powerful and useful PowerPoint features aren't easy to find and yet knowing where they are and how to use them can save you hours of work. So,... Read More...

Tired At Work For No Reason? Your Brain's Trying To Tell You Something
by Art Markman

Is your energy flagging as the workday wears on? By 2 p.m. you're moving through your tasks in slow motion, your attention is flagging in meetings, and the effort to focus is more than you can summon. Obviously... Read More...


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