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April Newsletter
Volume 18 Issue 6

Report: Criminals Loved To Target PowerPoint In 2017
by Michelai Graham

The most widely exploited vulnerability in 2017 was a well-known Microsoft Office bug (CVE-2017-0199), according to new research. Recorded Future released a report Tuesday detailing the top 10 vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals in 2017. Microsoft products made up seven of the 10. In previous years... Read More...

How To Design An Emotionally Intelligent PowerPoint Presentation
by Darren Menabney

If you ask anyone what they think of PowerPoint presentations, they'll probably give you a strong reaction. But whether you love, hate, or want to ban them from your world forever, the truth is that slide decks are (and will continue to be) part of your professional life for the foreseeable future. But don't despair. PowerPoint is just a tool. Whether a presentation is bad or good depends on... Read More...

Reduce Presentation Nerves And Self-Doubt With These Actors' Backstage Tips
by Julie Hansen

You finally get that presentation or meeting set with your dream account. You arrive at their office pumped up and ready to knock your presentation out of the park. But of course you have to wait... and wait... And with each passing minute you can feel that positive energy slip into anxiety and tension. Before you know it,... Read More...

Five Tips To Make Your Next Presentation A Success
by Ashira Prossack

When you have an idea to pitch, you only get one chance to make a great impression on your audience. Preparation is, of course, incredibly important, but it's only part of a successful pitch. Knowing how to deliver your presentation to make maximum impact will put you on the path to success. These five tips will help make your next presentation the best one yet... Read More...

Tips For Free And Low-Cost Microsoft Training Options
by Courtney Kaufman

Employees have a wide range of skillsets, but the ability to use technology effectively isn't always one of them. Business owners and managers frequently ask about the best ways to train employees on technology. Most of the time, they're asking for basic Microsoft Office training. The good news... Read More...


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1:00 - 2:15 pm EST
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