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April Newsletter
Volume 18 Issue 7

[10 Tips] Perfect Your Powerpoint Presentations
by Meghan Ford

In a nutshell: If you're the expert on the topic of interest but don't know how to make a powerful impact on your audience, look no further. These 10 takeaways will help you perfect your next PowerPoint Presentation... Read More...

How To Insert Animated 3D Models Into Your PowerPoint Presentation
by The Windows Club

Microsoft announced a new feature for Microsoft Office. Along with this, they focused more on 3D content coming to life with Surface Studio and Paint 3D. This was the ability to insert and animate 3D models to your PowerPoint presentation. As Microsoft employees demoed this feature, we looked at how better presentations can be delivered using these 3D models. Read More...

Is PowerPoint The Only Way To Present?
by Julian Roche

Famously, back in 2000 Peter Norvig put the Gettysburg address onto PowerPoint. Here, the famous concluding slide, is still worth looking at:... Eighteen years later, PowerPoint remains the dominant software for making presentations. Of course... Read More...

10 Top Tips For Delivering An Impromptu Speech
by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird

For many of us it's the worst case scenario - suddenly having to deliver an impromptu presentation. Being asked to speak in public is a major challenge for many leaders. Being asked to speak spontaneously as well as publicly can catapult the task straight into the very-difficult, to-be-avoided-at-all-times-I'd-rather-die category... Read More...

Six-Page Memo Explains Jeff Bezos's Plan To End Era Of A Microsoft Office Giant
by Eric Rosenbaum

Amazon has the power with one rumor about a new business effort to sink entire sectors of the market, far beyond the retail industry it has has already upended. It also may have the power of the word to finish off the era of Microsoft's corporate meeting monolith... Read More...


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